Update on the National Mortgage Settlement Program – Do You Qualify?

14 Sep

Update on the National Mortgage Settlement Program – Do You Qualify?.

11 Sep

The ability to be grateful… priceless

9 Sep

Wonderful personal thoughts, not just words, from a Godly young woman…

GreenPath discusses student loan debt options, as debt reaches new high in Q2 2012

5 Sep

This subject touches many of us…

GreenPath Financial Wellness Blog

The New York Fed recently reported that outstanding student debt rose 1.1 percent from $904 billion three months earlier. The loans were taken out by students and their parents, and the majority are backed by the U.S. government.

Ninety-day delinquency rates for student loans increased to 8.9 percent from 8.69 percent in the first quarter, the New York Fed said. Since the peak in household debt in the third quarter of 2008, student-loan debt has increased by $303 billion, while other forms of debt fell a combined $1.6 trillion.

Where to turn to for assistance with student loan debt?

GreenPath works with people everyday who are struggling with student loan debt. Some of the advice that we give includes:

There is a new federal program called Income Based Repayment (IBR) that adjusts your monthly student loan payment relative to your current income level and family size. Also, there is a…

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Marie’s New Blogging Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, And Fridays!

5 Sep

Mr.CBB’s Creamy Garlic Hummus

5 Sep


Canadian Budget Binder


Hummus simply means “chickpeas” in Arabic. What I have created is an easy creamy garlic hummus recipe that anyone can make in minutes in a food processor for around $1.50. While shopping the other day we noticed the cost of this frugal dip coming in at a whopping $4.50 for a 500 g tub.

You can find Tahini paste down the ethnic section at your local grocery shop for around $4-6 for a large container. Although this cost seems high for the paste it will last you for many recipes. The Tahini (sesame butter) is what turns this chickpea spread into a creamy delight and makes your taste buds tingle.

If you are a hummus fan you must try this easy garlic hummus recipe before heading out to the grocery store to pay premium price for something you can easily make at home.  If you are a fan of roasted garlic you could…

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Videos: Hurricane Isaac Response

5 Sep

It is about serving others…

American Red Cross Disaster Newsroom

The Southern Baptists cooked more than 2,000 meals at this location on Sept. 1 and 10,000 meals on Sept. 2. These hot meals will be delivered by American Red Cross emergency response vehicles to communities along the North shore of Lake Ponchartrain in Louisiana. Many of these community experienced severe flooding, wind damage and were without electricity following Hurricane Isaac.

Red Cross worker Veronica Vasquez talks about the help from Mexico’s Cruz Roja team in response to Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana.

American Red Cross volunteer Tom Breister talks with shelter resident Sabrina Phillips about how the community of LaCombe LA has come together to help her and how the Red Cross is an integral part of the relief effort.

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