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Update on the National Mortgage Settlement Program – Do You Qualify?

14 Sep

Update on the National Mortgage Settlement Program – Do You Qualify?.

August signals the beginning of back to school shopping. GreenPath has tips to save…

14 Aug

Plan your back-to-school shopping… Here are some great tips!

GreenPath Financial Wellness Blog

Back to school shopping already? The ads and inserts in the paper are usually my first reminders that  back to school shopping  and fall are just around the corner.   This can be an expensive month for parents but a little planning before the shopping might help you avoid the drain on your pocketbook.

According to the National Retail Federation the average person with children in grades K-12 will spend $688.92 this year on their children for back to school needs.  This is up from $603.63 per average family spent last year.

If you have planned for this and have the money set aside to get your kids ready for the first days of school, pat yourself on the back.  Don’t give up though if you aren’t sure you have the money in the bank to make the needed purchases.  There are some things you can do now to cut your…

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Potential homebuyers need to know about pros/cons of new mortgage credit score

3 Aug

Potential homebuyers need to know about pros/cons of new mortgage credit score.

Do you know where your next #paycheck is coming from?

9 Jul

Uncertainty creates #fear and #anxiety

After a short break from writing I really hope you’re doing well.  It’s great to be back. No, I didn’t spend the night in jail or even the weekend in Milan. If I had today’s blog would have been wild!

With the canvas of gloom and doom that surrounds us, I can sense that the majority of hard-working Americans are in a state of uncertainty. Not knowing what comes next is a stressful way to live!

If you have a job, you wonder for how long. Could this be the week you get laid off?

Maybe you’ve been #unemployed for a long time… If you don’t have a job, the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll find one that pays enough to cover your bills weighs on your mind every day.

With uncertainty comes fear—and lots of it!

Learn to control what you can in life, and calm any fears you have—one at a time.

What is the best way to put those fears out of your mind???  Learn what you can to improve your outlook and understanding of what is to come… 

Do you know enough about financial terms and situations to understand if you are in financial trouble? From my experience with colleagues and clients, probably not…

Take a great step toward learning those important facts and read:


Find it on, and

No other resource will guide you through the maze of financial problems like this one. It is written in a language you will understand—and will be the best handbook you could ever read!

If you or someone you know could benefit from a little direction and reliable information, email me directly at I’ll personally handle the order and see to it that you start the journey toward a fearless life immediately!

See you soon at and

All my best!

Betty Anne

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Top 5 personal finance FAQs answered…

6 Jul

Proof that books like mine are necessary… Top 5 personal finance FAQs answered….

#Bankruptcy is a fresh start, not a disgrace

6 Jul

Make the smart choice to push the reset button

The most devastating financial situation a person could ever face is bankruptcy. In the minds of many it is the ultimate neon sign of failure. As a paralegal, I observed that individuals will run from it, hide from it, ignore and condemn it—and in the process they generally seal their fate of filing it.

What I want you to realize is that bankruptcy is not the evil monster you have been taught to believe. It is a legal means of moving beyond true financial despair toward a life of hope. There is no time in history that ever screamed the word bankruptcy as a viable means of survival than the one in which we currently live. The world-wide financial markets have bottomed out—revealing the reality of fraudulent investments, limitless greed and financial ruin.

If you find it difficult or even impossible to pay your monthly financial obligations on time, you should think about the possibility of filing bankruptcy. Learn about the realities of the process and how the law could benefit you personally. No two situations are alike, and what might work for a friend or neighbor may not be the best solution in your situation.

The most important observation I can share with you today is that the majority of people that could benefit from bankruptcy wait much longer to file than they should. It is in our nature is to pay obligations in full, no matter how hard we have to work to do it. Honestly, there are some situations that are so dire and insurmountable that a person is smarter to wipe the slate clean and use their energies toward rebuilding their finances than suffering under a smothering burden.

Maybe your health is suffering due to the stress of unpaid bills. Everything else in your life is also suffering because your health keeps you from performing well at work, and the ability to provide for your family. What price do you put on your health? What sickness will you endure needlessly because you are too proud to admit that you need to start over?

It is my fervent hope that you make the choice to put your shame and guilt behind you to at least explore the option of bankruptcy. You’ll find that your current fears of filing bankruptcy will prove to be unfounded, and any further delay will just prolong your journey toward financial health.

Visit today to learn more about the brighter financial future that is well within your grasp—once you take that first, albeit scary, step. You and I will work together toward dispelling those fears and learning how to make informed, sound decisions about your financial future—all in a language you will understand. If you know someone facing bankruptcy, and you want to help them move one step closer to prosperity, order my book for them. Read it yourself and, as a good friend, share it with them as you walk with them toward their best hope for financial restoration.

All my best!

Betty Anne


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Could #BookSmarts ever replace #StreetSmarts?

5 Jul

Are #colleges and #universities the only valid institutes of #higherlearning?

I don’t know about you, but I encounter many individuals who express the opinion that someone who hasn’t attended a college or university is stupid. Not only that, some also demean those who haven’t received a degree after completing high school. I withstood that type of treatment myself until I finally had the opportunity to become a paralegal.

Graduating from high school in a much different time, a woman was only encouraged to attend college if she wanted to be either a teacher or nurse. Neither of those careers appealed to me. Even though my IQ squarely pointed toward higher education, there was no avenue at that time for me to pursue such a thing. There was no college savings account to help me, and I was unable to qualify for a grant. I graduated from high school and went directly into the work environment—with only my high school education, my past experiences and future dreams.

I found myself surrounded by people much like myself because college wasn’t possible for many of us in those days. We worked very hard, learned how to solve problems together, and effectively assist others. We relied on those around us with more experience, because they had learned through their daily efforts how to perform duties more efficiently and effectively every day. Employees like us were an employer’s dream.

When I moved into a field surrounded substantially by college graduates, my experience with co-workers was quite different. Most of those individuals were more concerned with their stature within a company or organization than their cost-effectiveness and overall contribution to the work product. They had been taught a specific way to think, act and react in any given situation. Sadly, their abilities to reason on their own had been diminished because they were one-dimensionally “book-smart”, not “street-smart”. Their text books didn’t contain the answers that only experience and on-the-job training could provide. Their ability to use common-sense in order to solve unexpected problems had been dulled by a belief that all the answers they would ever need could be found in a book written by an intellectual.

The way I see it—neither can do without the other. Book-smart teaching produces amazing doctors and life-altering cures for disease. Street-smart learning produces hands-on results for our everyday lives.

Where do you stand on the book-smart/street-smart divide? Do you believe that one means of education will eventually overtake the other, making common-sense approaches obsolete and irrelevant? Will intellectuals come to believe that individuals who have learned to overcome roadblocks and obstacles through their own experience-related educational paths are indeed vital to—and therefore respected by—society?

Let me know what you think at Contact me there to further the discussion of the relevance of street-smarts… and the future of educational approaches designed to empower the masses.

All my best!

Betty Anne


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