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Update on the National Mortgage Settlement Program – Do You Qualify?

14 Sep

Update on the National Mortgage Settlement Program – Do You Qualify?.

Potential homebuyers need to know about pros/cons of new mortgage credit score

3 Aug

Potential homebuyers need to know about pros/cons of new mortgage credit score.

Do you know where your next #paycheck is coming from?

9 Jul

Uncertainty creates #fear and #anxiety

After a short break from writing I really hope you’re doing well.  It’s great to be back. No, I didn’t spend the night in jail or even the weekend in Milan. If I had today’s blog would have been wild!

With the canvas of gloom and doom that surrounds us, I can sense that the majority of hard-working Americans are in a state of uncertainty. Not knowing what comes next is a stressful way to live!

If you have a job, you wonder for how long. Could this be the week you get laid off?

Maybe you’ve been #unemployed for a long time… If you don’t have a job, the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll find one that pays enough to cover your bills weighs on your mind every day.

With uncertainty comes fear—and lots of it!

Learn to control what you can in life, and calm any fears you have—one at a time.

What is the best way to put those fears out of your mind???  Learn what you can to improve your outlook and understanding of what is to come… 

Do you know enough about financial terms and situations to understand if you are in financial trouble? From my experience with colleagues and clients, probably not…

Take a great step toward learning those important facts and read:


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No other resource will guide you through the maze of financial problems like this one. It is written in a language you will understand—and will be the best handbook you could ever read!

If you or someone you know could benefit from a little direction and reliable information, email me directly at bettyanne@sunsetdreambooks.com. I’ll personally handle the order and see to it that you start the journey toward a fearless life immediately!

See you soon at www.sunsetdreambooks.com and www.facebook.com/SunsetDreamBooks

All my best!

Betty Anne

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#Food for Thought—and I sure hope you’re #hungry!

4 Jul

#Food for Thought—and I sure hope you’re #hungry!

Try something new—you may find it refreshing


When I woke up this morning, my thoughts drifted to the founders of our country instead of hotdogs and fireworks. Those brave people came to a land that was undeveloped and unknown, but they worked together to fight against a controlling force that had only self-interest in mind. I then wondered how our current United States of America would fare against such a controlling force. Is there enough of that independent spirit evident in America today to insure that we remain the land of the free and the home of the brave?

As polarized as our country currently is, there is no guiding force that reaches beyond itself to a place of unity—and unity only comes when two sides of a discussion agree to come together on common ground. Sadly, I don’t see too many people even willing to discuss our problems with an open mind, let alone agree on solutions. We have become so rigid in our own thoughts that there is no room for discussion or agreement.

Could you do something for me today? Could you think outside the box (your box) and hear the other side of a situation—with which you don’t currently agree? If you can say yes to my request, it will renew my spirit of hope that the future America will be better than the current America. People make up our country, not political parties or politicians with self-interest in mind. What is really best for the people?

I learned long ago that meeting others on common ground brought about solutions that neither side of a polarizing situation could have imagined on their own. Two heads are considered better than one because it is self-limiting to think that only your thoughts are the good thoughts.

Celebrate this INDEPENDENCE DAY by acting independently, and thinking for yourself. No one should control your thoughts or direct your actions but you. Remember that the next time you put forth a position in an argument. Is it REALLY your position, or one that has been formulated for you in order to ultimately benefit someone else? Thing long and hard about your decisions, and make them only after you have researched facts, figures and formulations yourself.

Rely on your desire to be reasonable—and you will become more reasonable in your desires.

All my best!

Betty Anne




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Do men and women handle #bankruptcy differently?

26 Jun

Of course they do—they are from different planets!

Not so long ago, everyone was talking about men being from Mars and women coming from Venus. It was a quizzical way to explain that men and women are definitely different from each other. They look different, sound different… and often respond differently to stressful situations.

Today I’m going to share my observations about the way men respond to financial problems, and ultimately—bankruptcy. As a paralegal for 18 years I worked with men, women, couples and “unintended victims” as they sometimes considered themselves. Honestly, I saw both men and women exhibit the “if I pretend it isn’t happening, maybe it will go away” syndrome. If one person handled the bills for the whole family, it made them an easy target when things went bad. Even if they weren’t responsible for the drastic reductions in income or increased or emergency expenses, it was always easier to blame someone else for what seemed like insurmountable problems.

When it came to the way men handled desperate financial problems, including bankruptcy, I saw everything from “I was stupid”, “I thought I could volunteer for overtime to catch up on my bills”, and “I don’t know how this happened”. They were generally able to confront the severity of the situation and do what was necessary to get past it.

If there was a home in jeopardy, though, the behavior of the men involved was quite different. I saw men throw so much good money after bad—because they couldn’t bear to leave the house they provided for their family. Sometimes it was even a home they had built with their own bare hands. There was sometimes a surprising bond between men and a building. The house stood for their status in life, and their ability to provide for themselves, their spouse and family. It was a sign to the outside world that they had “made it”.

These types of feelings were so hard to re-direct from my side of the desk. As a woman, and from a professional viewpoint, I had to discover with each of these men just what approach would get through to them so they could see their financial situation clearly, without emotions clouding judgment. I know that most people consider women as the more emotional of the two sexes, but I found that when a man is emotional about something—there is no letting go.

Framing the nuts and bolts of it—convincing a man he can achieve the goal of owning a home again—aided my discussions about the advice he received from an attorney. Sometimes it is necessary to walk away from a particular house, and its mortgage, because it is the best move for his health, his future, and that of his family. I always put myself in the homeowner’s shoes in order to explain difficult solutions to these stressed-out individuals.

When a man expects to protect his loved ones from harm and provide a safe place to live, and then finances prevent him from providing the life he wants to provide, he first has to deal with the emotions that surround failure and despair. He is not a failure, but he may feel like one. He must surround himself with people who present the solution as a problem solver would, just like him. When men see something wrong they want to fix it. If they can’t fix it, it is easier to shut down and ignore it—and we all know where that leads… AN EVEN BIGGER PROBLEM!

If you are a man facing very difficult financial problems, and yes—even bankruptcy—find someone to talk to who understands where you’re coming from. Work through the process with a professional, and realize that the better man sees the whole picture. When you realize you’re lost in the woods, you don’t just continue to walk in circles. You take out your compass, focus on moving toward the direction that leads you out of the forest, and trust your instincts to guide you. You and your family will get through this, and learn to live a better life. Your family will look to you for strength and protection. Be the man they know you to be… lead them out of the woods.

All my best!

Betty Anne



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The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget: Part Four

25 Jun

Part Four: I want my budget to be healthy again—starting today

You’re still with me, and I’m grateful for that. You now know that symptoms of an unhealthy budget have underlying causes. Perhaps it is unemployment, overspending, the loss of a job, or even the death of a partner. There are so many more, but none of the causes are good. Most of them are beyond your control.

The good news is—YOUR BUDGET CAN BE HEALTHY AGAIN! Instead of continuing to treat the symptoms, which only allows the damage to spread, you must treat the root cause of YOUR budget sickness. Take steps to do what you can to bring in more money if possible. Can you ask for extra hours at work? Can an able-bodied person in your household find a job and contribute to the common expenses? Try cutting out unnecessary splurges while shopping. These steps can definitely help a budget that is undergoing a temporary illness.

The majority of people have already tried these measures—and they’re still unable to pay their bills. When changes in your income or ability to work are beyond your control, it is time to heal or remove the real problem. The underlying cause is the inability to pay what you currently owe while continuing to provide the necessities of life. It is time to stop trying to treat the symptoms on your own, and visit a professional who can really cure the problem, for good!

Sit down with that pile of bills you organized for me. Find the oldest bills and compare them to the newest for all creditors. Determine the last time you charged on each credit card account. Then I want you to get a pad of paper and list each bill. Make a chart that includes columns for: the name of the creditor, the balance you owe each creditor, the last time you charged a new purchase, and how far past due you are. This will allow you to see the true picture at a glance. Compare the process to taking blood tests in order to find out the actual numbers, that allows a doctor to diagnose a medical problem.

Now I want you to meet with a few professionals to see what path you should take toward budget health. My book: BANKRUPTCY FROM A TO Z: THE PATH TO FINANCIAL HOPE AND FREEDOM is a very affordable guide to take with you on the journey toward budget health. You can use it as a dictionary to understand the difficult legal terms, and you will sense that I am there with you to help you through the tough times. It is both emotional and draining to face problems this big. That’s why I want to be by your side—guiding your way. Allow me to make it easier for you—it is what I was trained to do, and what I was born to do.

You’re going to prepare for the process that best helps you regain financial health. You will take the advice of valued professionals to begin to move in the right direction. You must take the first step toward healing–both emotionally and financially–so you can face every morning with a smile again.

All my best!

Betty Anne



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The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget

21 Jun

The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget

Part One: Am I really in financial trouble?

We have all experienced highs and lows with our finances, usually from fluctuations in our income. Sometimes a job requires overtime, and we spend according to those high times. Then there is barely 40 hours of work, and making money stretch to the end of the month—even to the end of the week—is nearly impossible. Fortunately, the average household budget can usually withstand very short periods of time of reduced income.

Those times when long-term unemployment hits your household or a serious medical condition keeps you from working, bring with them devastating financial concerns. Almost no one would be able to weather those types of storms without suffering serious budget problems.

Here are some ways to know if you’re really in financial trouble:

  • Are you charging your groceries and not paying the entire balance each month?
  • Do you have trouble giving your children lunch money?
  • Are you taking cash advances on your credit cards to buy essential items?
  • Do you stop buying necessary medications so you can buy food or gas?
  • Are you neglecting the maintenance needs of your car or house?
  • Do you dread the cold weather because you won’t be able to buy heating oil?
  • Are creditors calling you about past-due bills?
  • Do you pay your mortgage or rent late, or not at all?

If even one of these situations applies to you, chances are you are facing serious financial issues. It is time to reach out for financial advice from an accountant or attorney. Professionals can determine if even small changes can make a difference in your situation. They will recognize the need for taking measures that will improve your current and future financial outlook.

Before you sit down to talk with a professional, and for your own education and empowerment, visit my website to learn more. Also, stay tuned for Part Two of The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget: If I ignore the problem will it go away?

All my best!

Betty Anne



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