11 Jul

The story of a family separated by fire… Can you imagine if it was your family?

American Red Cross Disaster Newsroom

This story is written by Red Cross volunteer Allen Crabtree.

You know the wildfire is coming. You can smell the smoke and see the flames up on the mountain. Then, with little or no warning comes the knock on your door and the order to evacuate, and you and your family have to leave the familiar and are thrust into the unknown. It is a terrifying time. This is what happened when the Waldo Canyon fire exploded into a fire storm and 32,000 people in the mountain communities west of Colorado Springs were forced from their homes.

As terrifying as evacuation is, try and imagine how it would be if your family was also separated by the fire. Not knowing where your spouse and children are, if they are safe and well – this is the terrible situation that the Fredrick family found themselves in on June 23.



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