A #SpecialNeedsChild in the Family

10 Jul

What your neighbors don’t know about your life

Hello to everyone reading this post. You’ve come to the place where truth is spoken and answers are sought. I want you to share in my journey, and feel free to share your journey with me.

I am the proud mother of a special-needs child, and my baby is now 32. I know—you’re thinking “she’s no baby”… But she’s my baby, and that she’ll always be!

Many years ago I enjoyed an absolutely wonderful pregnancy, marveling at each kick of my unborn child. Feeling my little one toss and turn, and specifically delighting in the activity that taking a bath brought about… Yes, pregnancy—a miracle of life.

Just a few weeks before my first child saw the light of day, I started to feel ill. My doctor attributed my uneasiness and discomfort to the fact that this was my first child and I was making something of nothing… He was so wrong!

Two weeks before my due date, I experienced such excruciating pain that I was unable to eat or sleep. No labor yet—it was foolish to go to the hospital, or so I was told. Thankfully I became so uncomfortable that I had to go to the hospital… and eight hours later—for the purpose of saving my life—the doctors performed a cesarean section just in time. They saved me, and my daughter… but the life to come was no easy journey.

Follow the journey here, and I’ll share what my neighbors didn’t know about my life, and may only be finding out now.

Maybe your life will have similarities to mine—or be something completely different!

Share your thoughts with me at bettyanne@sunsetdreambooks.com. Together we can spread the word that having a special needs child is an experience you would not generally request, but is a blessing to you and all those around you! Come along with me—and together we will enlighten the world!

All my best!

Betty Anne



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