Do you know where your next #paycheck is coming from?

9 Jul

Uncertainty creates #fear and #anxiety

After a short break from writing I really hope you’re doing well.  It’s great to be back. No, I didn’t spend the night in jail or even the weekend in Milan. If I had today’s blog would have been wild!

With the canvas of gloom and doom that surrounds us, I can sense that the majority of hard-working Americans are in a state of uncertainty. Not knowing what comes next is a stressful way to live!

If you have a job, you wonder for how long. Could this be the week you get laid off?

Maybe you’ve been #unemployed for a long time… If you don’t have a job, the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll find one that pays enough to cover your bills weighs on your mind every day.

With uncertainty comes fear—and lots of it!

Learn to control what you can in life, and calm any fears you have—one at a time.

What is the best way to put those fears out of your mind???  Learn what you can to improve your outlook and understanding of what is to come… 

Do you know enough about financial terms and situations to understand if you are in financial trouble? From my experience with colleagues and clients, probably not…

Take a great step toward learning those important facts and read:


Find it on, and

No other resource will guide you through the maze of financial problems like this one. It is written in a language you will understand—and will be the best handbook you could ever read!

If you or someone you know could benefit from a little direction and reliable information, email me directly at I’ll personally handle the order and see to it that you start the journey toward a fearless life immediately!

See you soon at and

All my best!

Betty Anne

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