#Food for Thought—and I sure hope you’re #hungry!

4 Jul

#Food for Thought—and I sure hope you’re #hungry!

Try something new—you may find it refreshing


When I woke up this morning, my thoughts drifted to the founders of our country instead of hotdogs and fireworks. Those brave people came to a land that was undeveloped and unknown, but they worked together to fight against a controlling force that had only self-interest in mind. I then wondered how our current United States of America would fare against such a controlling force. Is there enough of that independent spirit evident in America today to insure that we remain the land of the free and the home of the brave?

As polarized as our country currently is, there is no guiding force that reaches beyond itself to a place of unity—and unity only comes when two sides of a discussion agree to come together on common ground. Sadly, I don’t see too many people even willing to discuss our problems with an open mind, let alone agree on solutions. We have become so rigid in our own thoughts that there is no room for discussion or agreement.

Could you do something for me today? Could you think outside the box (your box) and hear the other side of a situation—with which you don’t currently agree? If you can say yes to my request, it will renew my spirit of hope that the future America will be better than the current America. People make up our country, not political parties or politicians with self-interest in mind. What is really best for the people?

I learned long ago that meeting others on common ground brought about solutions that neither side of a polarizing situation could have imagined on their own. Two heads are considered better than one because it is self-limiting to think that only your thoughts are the good thoughts.

Celebrate this INDEPENDENCE DAY by acting independently, and thinking for yourself. No one should control your thoughts or direct your actions but you. Remember that the next time you put forth a position in an argument. Is it REALLY your position, or one that has been formulated for you in order to ultimately benefit someone else? Thing long and hard about your decisions, and make them only after you have researched facts, figures and formulations yourself.

Rely on your desire to be reasonable—and you will become more reasonable in your desires.

All my best!

Betty Anne




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