Wake up the positive energy within you!

2 Jul

New day, new desire, new direction!

Wake up the positive energy within you!

I’m sure that most of you reading this today are reasonable people. With reasoning comes the ability to come to agreement, and work toward a common goal.

See any of that happening in the political world around you? I don’t.

The only time I ever feel hopeful about the world around me is when I feel hopeful about my own life. When I am tempted to dwell on the negative and refuse to see anything in a positive light, I ultimately am the one affected by my decision. I can’t imagine it is much different for my fellow Americans.

There are ways to change your reactions to the happenings in the world, and that really is the only control you have in life. Your reactions are yours alone—you can’t blame anyone for them, and no one else can take the credit. Your reactions are always directly related to your inner energy. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about evil spirits, or holding séances, or even seeing ghosts. Those topics scare me so none of that in my blog!

What I am talking about is taking what you feel inside—gathering together all of that motivation and desire to see the world as a better place, and putting it to action. Maybe your energy is depleted because of marital problems or financial worries. Even worse, illness may be draining you from the inside out. Believe it or not, even in those circumstances you still have the opportunity to take whatever amount of positivity you have left and bundle it together with others in order to bring about hope and happiness in your world.

I’m tired of Americans fighting with each other, and against each other. If you don’t think the same way as someone else you are not considered to be as smart as them, or as enlightened. Where has this negativity come from? Why are we so ugly in our interactions? Are you tired of the constant battles?

One way to take your focus off the battles is to turn off whatever news you listen to, and get out in your community. Begin to spread the kind of energy you want to see in others. Just as negativity and ugliness can spread like wildfire, so can compassion, care and concern. We aren’t really in a battle to take the country in one direction or another. We are in a battle to join forces for the ultimate end result: the best United States for every American.

Will you join me in the process of bundling our positive energy together to attain what our country needs? Are you willing to reach out to others with a smile, a handshake and find agreement on common ground?

We all love our country, and we have to find some way to work toward the future United States of America together. Please, my dear friends… use your common sense and our common ground to begin to build a better America. Join me in moving toward a brighter future and a happier world.

All my best!

Betty Anne



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