Childhood dreams can come true

27 Jun

Think back to your childhood. You day-dreamed all the time when you were young.

What were your dreams? Who did you expect to become? What did you hope to accomplish?

Childhood represents a time when you were fearless, hopeful and confident. You didn’t know you could fail. And even if you did, it didn’t stop you from trying. All you needed to do was adjust your approach–whether it was perfecting a skateboard trick, playing a musical solo or finding out how high you could jump. You just kept on dreaming!

It’s time to look back at those dreams and breathe life into them. That’s what I did. I gathered what I had learned, took that dream box off the top shelf of my mind, dusted it off, and made it come true. That is what SUNSET DREAM BOOKS is all about. Find out more at I’d love to connect with you and find out what dreams you hold deep inside.

Reach today for that most important dream you carefully tucked away – and get ready to do some CPR. You can breathe life into it again. Realizing your dream will challenge others to do the same.

All my best!

Betty Anne


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