The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget: Part Four

25 Jun

Part Four: I want my budget to be healthy again—starting today

You’re still with me, and I’m grateful for that. You now know that symptoms of an unhealthy budget have underlying causes. Perhaps it is unemployment, overspending, the loss of a job, or even the death of a partner. There are so many more, but none of the causes are good. Most of them are beyond your control.

The good news is—YOUR BUDGET CAN BE HEALTHY AGAIN! Instead of continuing to treat the symptoms, which only allows the damage to spread, you must treat the root cause of YOUR budget sickness. Take steps to do what you can to bring in more money if possible. Can you ask for extra hours at work? Can an able-bodied person in your household find a job and contribute to the common expenses? Try cutting out unnecessary splurges while shopping. These steps can definitely help a budget that is undergoing a temporary illness.

The majority of people have already tried these measures—and they’re still unable to pay their bills. When changes in your income or ability to work are beyond your control, it is time to heal or remove the real problem. The underlying cause is the inability to pay what you currently owe while continuing to provide the necessities of life. It is time to stop trying to treat the symptoms on your own, and visit a professional who can really cure the problem, for good!

Sit down with that pile of bills you organized for me. Find the oldest bills and compare them to the newest for all creditors. Determine the last time you charged on each credit card account. Then I want you to get a pad of paper and list each bill. Make a chart that includes columns for: the name of the creditor, the balance you owe each creditor, the last time you charged a new purchase, and how far past due you are. This will allow you to see the true picture at a glance. Compare the process to taking blood tests in order to find out the actual numbers, that allows a doctor to diagnose a medical problem.

Now I want you to meet with a few professionals to see what path you should take toward budget health. My book: BANKRUPTCY FROM A TO Z: THE PATH TO FINANCIAL HOPE AND FREEDOM is a very affordable guide to take with you on the journey toward budget health. You can use it as a dictionary to understand the difficult legal terms, and you will sense that I am there with you to help you through the tough times. It is both emotional and draining to face problems this big. That’s why I want to be by your side—guiding your way. Allow me to make it easier for you—it is what I was trained to do, and what I was born to do.

You’re going to prepare for the process that best helps you regain financial health. You will take the advice of valued professionals to begin to move in the right direction. You must take the first step toward healing–both emotionally and financially–so you can face every morning with a smile again.

All my best!

Betty Anne


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