The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget

21 Jun

The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget

Part One: Am I really in financial trouble?

We have all experienced highs and lows with our finances, usually from fluctuations in our income. Sometimes a job requires overtime, and we spend according to those high times. Then there is barely 40 hours of work, and making money stretch to the end of the month—even to the end of the week—is nearly impossible. Fortunately, the average household budget can usually withstand very short periods of time of reduced income.

Those times when long-term unemployment hits your household or a serious medical condition keeps you from working, bring with them devastating financial concerns. Almost no one would be able to weather those types of storms without suffering serious budget problems.

Here are some ways to know if you’re really in financial trouble:

  • Are you charging your groceries and not paying the entire balance each month?
  • Do you have trouble giving your children lunch money?
  • Are you taking cash advances on your credit cards to buy essential items?
  • Do you stop buying necessary medications so you can buy food or gas?
  • Are you neglecting the maintenance needs of your car or house?
  • Do you dread the cold weather because you won’t be able to buy heating oil?
  • Are creditors calling you about past-due bills?
  • Do you pay your mortgage or rent late, or not at all?

If even one of these situations applies to you, chances are you are facing serious financial issues. It is time to reach out for financial advice from an accountant or attorney. Professionals can determine if even small changes can make a difference in your situation. They will recognize the need for taking measures that will improve your current and future financial outlook.

Before you sit down to talk with a professional, and for your own education and empowerment, visit my website to learn more. Also, stay tuned for Part Two of The Symptoms of an Unhealthy Budget: If I ignore the problem will it go away?

All my best!

Betty Anne


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