Techniques to Help Couples Talk about Money; Avoid Divorce

20 Jun

Sometimes the solution is painful, but the outcome can be surprising! If money problems are affecting your relationship, read this important article before it is too late to save it!

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It has been said in several studies that money issues is one the main causes of divorce. One other most commonly stated causes of divorce is poor communication. Combine these two issues, and you have a recipe for frequent conflict. How is it that something like money, which can bring so many positive things into our lives and improve the world around us for the better, can cause so many problems? One reason is that couples lack an operating system, or communication system to understand their day to day finances, the ramifications for their decisions, and how to make better choices.

Think about the number of transactions that occur every day in your household. Electronic transfers, deposits or payments perhaps happened overnight. You stopped on the way into work and filled the car with gas before hitting Starbucks. Your spouse orders a present for a family member on the internet…

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