16 Jun

No matter how hard I’ve tried during my life, when I have had the least amount of money to spend it always seemed to cost me more in the end. Over the years money has been tight for me and my family. Having a special-needs daughter contributed substantially to our shaky finances. Never knowing what extra expenses we would have from one day to the next kept us off-balance and worried about the future.

There were times when I didn’t have enough in my checkbook to grocery shop for a full week at a time. The bad thing was, shopping every few days for smaller quantities of food always makes the money disappear more quickly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to scrape enough cash together to spend more when I shopped. I was always running out of something. There were times when I didn’t even know if there would be enough to put food on the table. I wasn’t able to afford larger quantities of the products I used every day, so I ultimately had to pay more for every item I purchased.

Do you find that you run to the grocery store more than once a week because funds are tight, or hit the drive-thru because of the lure of the dollar menu? Maybe you can only put a few gallons of gas in your car at a time. Living this way leads to deeper debt, and a weakened ability to budget. After all, the large box of cereal always costs less per ounce than the smaller one, and the laundry detergent gets cheaper as the size of the container it comes in gets larger.

You may need to think about an alternative. If your money doesn’t reach to the end of the week, you are facing a financial meltdown. You spend more than you have by charging food and gas, and ultimately there will never be enough to go around even for the necessities of life. Face those facts now, and find out how to make changes that will keep you from drowning in debt.

Visit www.sunsetdreambooks.com to learn about resources that will help you before another minute goes by. Work toward getting your way of life back, and the money in your checkbook will finally reach to the end of the week. There is hope, and you deserve the chance to find it. You deserve a fresh start!

All my best!

Betty Anne


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