14 Jun


This is a very painful and difficult topic to discuss. It touches people on so many more levels than the balance in their checkbook. It is my goal as a passionate paralegal to turn thinking around. Realigning the perceptions of bankruptcy will allow people to release the guilt and shame associated with the word.

If you face this situation, the “B” word—bankruptcy–really stands for hope and freedom.

Bankruptcy brings hope for a future without constant arguments over bills and empowerment by releasing feelings of shame and guilt. Bankruptcy allows freedom from the harassing phone calls, and the debilitating anguish over the severity of your situation.

I know how depressing life is when you don’t have enough money to go around. I have walked in your shoes, experienced the same emotions. That’s why I want you to listen to what I have to say. There is someone on your side – and my name is Betty Anne.

You are a good person. You want to do the best for yourself and your family. Turn the “B” word into the giant you no longer fear—but something you conquer and use to your advantage. It really is just a legal process used to turn your financial situation around. It is not a reflection of who you are as a person. Aren’t you worth it? Doesn’t your family deserve better than their current situation?

Go to my website to read the reviews of my latest book – BANKRUPTCY FROM A TO Z: THE PATH TO FINANCIAL HOPE AND FREEDOM. I am confident you will relate to what real people—much like you–have to say about bankruptcy. Clicking on www.sunsetdreambooks.com could be the most important action you take today. You will be one step closer to financial hope and freedom.

All my best!

Betty Anne


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