Where can you turn for affordable help?

11 Jun

You still have a job, but you haven’t gotten a raise in YEARS! You have health insurance, but the premiums are absolutely outrageous. You’re paying your bills on time for now, but you don’t know how long you can continue.

The best thing you can do is find out where you can turn for the answers and assistance you need, and prepare accordingly. If your current financial situation barely allows you to keep your head above water, it is time to become informed. Find out what actions you should take to preserve your home and way of life in the future. Don’t waste your hard-earned money if there is a better way to move beyond your current financial stalemate.

What does that mean for you and your family?

My book – BANKRUPTCY FROM A TO Z: THE PATH TO FINANCIAL HOPE AND FREEDOM – is an affordable resource for you, and today is the day to begin exploring your options. Find answers to your very common questions about bankruptcy before you even meet with an attorney, and begin to understand complicated financial terminology. When the time comes to seek legal advice, you’ll already understand the language an attorney speaks. As a Paralegal for 18 years a substantial part of my duties include explaining difficult legal terms to clients. Take advantage of my ability to educate you so that you remain in control of your finances, whether or not you choose to file bankruptcy.

A little education goes a very long way!

Read – BANKRUPTCY FROM A TO Z: THE PATH TO FINANCIAL HOPE AND FREEDOM – where all the information you need is found in an affordable, easy-to-read book. Prepare to make important decisions that will affect your life for years to come.

Available at http://www.amazon.com and www.sunsetdreambooks.com

All my best!

Betty Anne




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