Your Saturday mornings are different, aren’t they?

9 Jun

When your neighbors complain that they have to run their children to sports practice or dance lessons, you quietly wonder if they even realize the blessings they’ve received – their children are healthy.

When other parents complain that their children are fighting all the time, you silently say to yourself that you wish your children could fight amongst themselves- even just a little.

When your grocery order includes purchases for diapers even though your child is now 12, you resolutely accept the fact that your special-needs child is worth that extra expense.

The world has been changed for the better because your child was born. Interactions with your son or daughter have affected your family, your friends, and even strangers. I know. My daughter, now 32, was deprived of oxygen at birth and is severly brain-injured. Maybe just because I’m her Mom I think she is the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen. Her life has touched more people than I could ever count.

My next book – Auburn Angel: The Ripples of Just One Life – is about her journey, our journey, the world’s journey, since her birth. I hope you visit my website – – for the latest news on the project.

It would be wonderful to hear from you directly. You can rattle on and on to me about your wonderfully special child. I would enjoy that. Click on the Contact Me page on the website, and allow the stories about your child to change my life.

All my best!

Betty Anne


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