When charging food at the grocery store gets us into trouble

8 Jun

The world has evolved into using “plastic” to pay for everything. I do it myself. My debit card is sometimes easier to keep track of than cash in my pocket, and there is less chance that I could lose bank funds to a stranger. If my debit card is lost or stolen, I just call the bank and no one else can use it. On the other hand, if I am careless with keeping track of the cash in my pocket, or I get mugged and someone steals my wallet, the money is gone for good. The benefit to using a debit card is you are limited to the balance in your checking account. You can’t get into trouble that way.

The “plastic” that does cause problems are the credit cards in your wallet. If you use them at the grocery store when you shop and then don’t pay the balance off every month, you are creating fnancial trouble. Pulling out a credit card every time you fill up your tank is also a warning sign.You probably haven’t realized it yet because you can still make your minimum payments. The snowball is getting bigger and bigger and it is chasing you down an icy mountain at rocket speed.

Once you consume the food, or the gas is gone, the interest you pay for the luxury of charging those purchases remains. We know how high interest rates are on those credit cards. Sadly, you probably won’t even live long enough to pay it all back. Your family will have to deal with your credit card bills even after you are gone.

Visit www.sunsetdreambooks.com today to see if my new book can help you face your finances in a realistic way. You may find that the simple language I use to explain difficiult financial terms is just what you need to get out of the path of that ever-growing snowball. You can read the first chapter there and also check out the legal terms starting with the letter “A” in the basic terms section of the book.

If you need your credit cards to buy food to eat, or put gas in your car to go to work, you need my book to learn how to survive. Let me help you turn the corner toward financial prosperity and health.

Begin today to look at “plastic” as one of the enemies in your life. You deserve a fresh start, and I can help you begin the journey.

All my best!

Betty Anne



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