If money can fix it, it is not a disaster

7 Jun

Money worries are difficult, but they generally won’t kill you. So much importance is placed on whether or not someone can pay their bills on time, their credit score and credit rating.

How important are each of those things in the real scheme of life?

When someone suffers the loss of their spouse, partner, child or other loved one, money doesn’t matter anymore. If you face cancer or another life-threatening disease yourself, money doesn’t matter anymore.

Health crises are the real disasters in life.

Society cultivated a negative stigma toward people who can’t pay their bills on time, sometimes even calling them deadbeats. It isn’t that they won’t pay, they just can’t pay. Can you relate to that? If there is one good thing that came out of the financial crisis of 2008, people who judged others for not repaying their debts became the people they used to judge. Walking in someone else’s shoes changes your perspective quickly. The negative stigma concerning past-due debts and bankruptcy is quickly disappearing.

In the end, if money can fix it – it is not a disaster. You can always pick up the financial pieces of your life to rebuild, often for the better. Health and wellness is irreplaceable, and therefore, more valuable.

Adjust your thinking when it comes to financial problems. Your priorities will then come into line with those things that matter the most in life.

Take a step today toward focusing on wellness, and leave the financial distress behind.

All my best,

Betty Anne



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