Short-lived pleasures can create financial devastation

6 Jun

Hello friend. Welcome. Its good to meet you.

I’ve personally lived through a time when I tried to make shopping fill a major void in my life–after my husband passed away suddenly and I was just 41 years old. Too young to be a widow, I know.

I found short-lived pleasure in buying pretty things, but nothing filled that void–no matter how beautiful the purchase. Dwelling in the habit of extreme shopping to try to compensate for the people we miss in our lives can lead to financial devastation. You then not only have a feeling of emptiness inside, your checkbook is empty and OVERDRAWN!

If you cure the underlying loneliness by filling your life up with positive people and activities – friends, volunteering, socializing – you can finally take a realistic look at the financial mess you’ve inadvertently created along the way.

You didn’t mean for it to get to this point–but there is a way out.

Find out how by visiting my website:

I’ve been there – I know…  AND I CARE ABOUT YOU!

All my best,

Betty Anne


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