Your health is more important than the balance on your credit card!

5 Jun

As the creator of Sunset Dream Books, I strive to provide compassionate information to the people around me who feel down-trodden, beaten up and hopeless. I see people everyday in those states of mind. One challenge they face is severe financial hardship because of unemployment, divorce, illness and countless other situations. Whether we like it or not, money makes the world go ’round. Sad, but true…

A common thread with the individuals that cross my path is the unbelievable amount of stress they endure because they don’t have enough money to go around – regardless of the reason. And you know what?


If you face uncertain financial times, the stress of the situation is affecting you in more ways than you can imagine. Your body could actually be more susceptible to illness, and your mind is under assault every day. Take a good, hard look at your life. Aren’t mental and physical health more important than the outrageous balances you owe to credit card companies? Can you go one more day living this way, while your health is being stolen from you? Does it feel like you could never live long enough to pay it all back?

You have options that will make things better, not worse!

When clients I work with come to terms with their situations and face reality in a positive, pro-active manner – they look better and feel better. Their health is dramatically affected for the better by their reduced level of stress.

My book – Bankruptcy From A to Z: The Path to Financial Hope and Freedom – is a resource that provides easy-to-read information to help you decide whether or not to file bankruptcy, and it explains the legal terms an attorney will discuss with you. Don’t you want to explore and understand every legal, rational approach to solving the problem of owing more than you could ever repay?

Reach out for help right now – because by tomorrow you could find you feel even worse than you do today – inside and out.


My hope is that you reach out for health…

All my best,

Betty Anne

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