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4 Jun

Common Myths About Bankruptcy

Most people think that filing bankruptcy will ruin their economic lives forever. What those individuals fail to see is their economic life is already in a state of ruin. Many lenders perceive a history of paying late on bills as more of a detriment to granting you future credit than having a discharged bankruptcy case. After all, once you’ve filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy and received a discharge of the debts, there is a period of eight years before you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy again. With no outstanding unsecured debt this actually makes you a better credit risk to lenders.

If your debts are smothering you, or you’ve been turned down for loans to consolidate your debt or buy a car, consider talking to a bankruptcy attorney sooner rather than later. A great guide to fully understand the legal terms and advice you’ll encounter is my latest book

Bankruptcy From A to Z: The Path to Financial Hope and Freedom

After researching easy-to-read information about the subject and learning the language of starting over legally, you just might find that bankruptcy is the smartest financial decision you could make – especially at this time in your life.

Filing bankruptcy is not a character issue, it is truly a dollars and “sense” issue.

Check out to find out more.

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You deserve a fresh start – don’t pass it up!

Betty Anne


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