SUNSET DREAM BOOKS – Sunday “Sillies”

3 Jun

Happy Sunday! A few things to share about me…

The comfort level you have with laughing at yourself directly correlates with your level of self-respect. Making jokes is not necessarily casting scorn or judgment on someone or on yourself, unless the jokes are laced with pointed barbs.

I still get a kick out of this one when it comes to mind:

As a Paralegal for 18 years I had many opportunities to visit the county courthouse. High-powered attorneys and infamous clientele walked through those revolving doors every day. So many life-changing matters took place inside that building. On one such visit I was entrusted with the important duty of personally delivering sensitive papers to the Chambers of one of the most senior Judges in town.

In my normal jovial way I shared some small talk with the clerks at the entrance to the Chambers and also with the balding, friendly intern filing cases away in row upon row of filing cabinets. Gosh – he seemed pretty old to be an intern, but I knew times were tough and he probably needed the extra money. In just a few moments I made sure that I smiled, complimented and “schmaltzed” my way through to the good graces of each member of the Judge’s staff that crossed my path.

Only upon my exit from the Chambers did I learn that the balding intern was none other than the revered Judge himself – the one I had heard so much about. How sad was I that I had made my name known to EVERYONE in the Chambers, thinking that one day I might need to call in a favor and they would remember my “charming personality”. Oh, they remembered me allright – I could tell each time I walked into the Judge’s Chambers after that and they snickered to themselves.

Thank goodness my self-respect is high… and I hope yours is too.

That’s my Sunday Sillie for this week…

Stay well – and if you keep smiling at yourself in the mirror–someone will always be smiling back at you…

Betty Anne


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