How much more can you take?

1 Jun

As I listened to the latest unemployment numbers this morning, I wondered how much more bad news can people take?!? We know how to work hard, we want to work hard, but it seems now we can hardly work because of a lack of jobs.

The times we live in are challenging for sure, but challenges always bring about growth and reward if you approach them with confidence and knowledge. We would never ask for those challenges, but survivors make the best of them.

If you’ve been unemployed longer than you ever expected, it is probably time to venture outside of the field you know best. Consider it a challenge – and you WILL develop the skills you need to succeed in a new field – just as you did at the beginning of your working years.

I know you can do it! I’ll be sending articles and information your way to provide information and encouragement.

Also follow me @sunsetdreamboox on Twitter and take a look at when you have time. It may be the jump start you need to move forward.

All my best!

Betty Anne

Sunset Dream Books

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