Sunset Dream Books

30 May

Hello friends. It is absolutely amazing to experience the feeling of publishing your own book. Your heart and soul is visible to the world, and it surpasses the exhiliration you thought possible after all the years of imagining it could happen, wondering if it ever would happen…

Would you like to contribute to my next book? I am looking for people of all ages to share their personal experiences of widowhood, not only to enhance their own healing process, but to reach out to others who will inevitably experience the pain and anguish they know all too well.

I know that pain – I was widowed suddenly at 41 years of age, so you can rest assured that your experiences will be handled in a reverent and meticulous manner, respectful of your emotions and memories. Each individual that contributes will receive credit for their input, and in a way you will be publishing your own book, or at least a portion of one.

Email me at if you’re interested. I have had this book on my heart for many years, and it is now time for it to reach the printed page. I await the opportunity to share your story.

Make today an awesome day! It is in your hands…

Till then,

Betty Anne

Sunset Dream BooksImage

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