A handshake and a smile

29 May

If you’ve met with an attorney because you’re facing a budget crisis, or you’re thinking about your money woes constantly, you need to read this!

As a Paralegal for 18 years, I met with clients after they had retained an attorney–and their heads were swimming with legal advice they just didn’t understand.  I met them in the lobby with a comforting handshake, and a smile they could trust. We’ve all seen those sneaky smiles–I want something from you and I’m going to “pretend” I am happy to meet you. That just isn’t my style.

When desperate people entered my office, confused and beaten down, we sat, talked and explored their options together. I explained the difficult legal terms to them–and the advice they received became clear. They left my office with a sense of relief, and most importantly–HOPE!

If you need a comforting handshake, and a smile from someone who can help you sort through the confusion you face, visit my website, http://www.sunsetdreambooks.com, today. We will face your money problems together. I promise you will not feel alone in the struggle anymore. You DESERVE a fresh start. Let’s begin to walk toward that life you’ve been hoping for – together!

All my best!

Betty Anne

Sunset Dream Books

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