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27 May

Bankruptcy From A to Z: The Path to Financial Hope and Freedom

The first book available on www.sunsetdreambooks.comBankruptcy from A to Z: The Path to Financial Hope and Freedom is a practical, hands-on guide that everyone facing difficult financial times will understand and also find useful. Acting as a cheerleader and teacher, author Grillo uses her 18-plus years of experience as a paralegal, specifically in bankruptcy, to help you survive what can often be a painful ordeal. In her new book, she’s made it her mission to transform confusing legal jargon into language that the average person can not only understand, but use to his or her benefit. Written in a way that is as informative as it is supportive, Grillo’s book provides the tools to turn a tough situation into a positive one. She shows you how to put fear and guilt behind you and explains why there is no shame in the process of filing for bankruptcy. Consider bankruptcy as a financial decision, she implores, rather than as a last resort, and concentrate on the brighter future ahead of you, rather than dwelling in the past.

Also available on www.amazon.com                     Follow her today @sunsetdreamboox  on Twitter

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